Vaio just made its comeback into the Indian market with two new laptops including the Vaio E15 and Vaio SE 15. The comeback was made possible with the help of Nexstgo, the brand licensee. Seema Bhatnagar, Regional Business Director (South Asia) and Country General Manager (India), Nexstgo Company Limited in an exclusive interview with revealed the company’s plan to mark Vaio’s comeback in the country. She also revealed many exclusive details about the upcoming Vaio products. And guess what? There’s something exciting cooking at Nexstgo.

Bhatnagar confirmed the expansion to tablets lineup in the future. I’m sure this would come as an exciting piece of for many consumers considering it would strike nostalgia. However, you must not be too happy just yet as Bhatnagar said that the plan to launch tablets in India will take some time, nearly six months to roughly sketch the timeline. She also added that these tablets will not be linked to the Sony era of Vaio tablets. The company is yet to decide on an operating system (Android or Windows) for these tablets.

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Seema Bhatnagar, Regional Business Director (South Asia) and Country General Manager (India), Nexstgo Company Limited. (Image: LinkedIn)

Currently, the company wants to focus on launching new Vaio laptops every month in the country. Bhatnagar revealed that some of the upcoming laptops will include the E14, the SX-series, among others.

She further highlighted that the target audience for Vaio in India would be the youth. I personally think many from the older generations would also want to get their hands on these laptops not only for the nostalgia factor but also for the good specifications, sleek design and portability.

Looks like the pandemic wasn’t too bad for the company unlike the case with many other tech giants. In the Zoom call, Bhatnagar said that apart from delays in shipments the company did not face a crunch in bringing and sold Avita and Nexstgo laptops. She expects the same for the Vaio branded laptops as well. However, she did add that the brand did delay the Vaio launch till now due to logistic issues and the lockdown.

We have been informed that next month the company will launch new Vaio laptops powered by the 11th-Gen Intel Core processors. Currently, it has launched laptops based on the Ryzen 5000 mobile processors and an older gen Intel Core i5 processor.

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