Blackberry stops support for its classic smartphones

Before the dominance of iPhone and Android smartphones, BlackBerry used to dominate as a popular phone brand. Now the company’s power is slowly decreasing in the smartphone industry. Recently, the company has officially announced that it will stop supporting all its Classic smartphone models. This means that any users who were using the BlackBerry Classic smartphone today will no longer use it.

The company officially announced on Thursday that the company is now going to stop support on smartphones running BlackBerry OS, 7.1 OS, PlayBook OS 2.1 series, and BlackBerry 10. Additionally, the tech giant has warned its users that it will stop updating these software’s so that the carrier or Wi-Fi of these devices is still functional. Due to which maybe even basic functions like calls, cellular data, SMS, and emergency calls on these smartphones may stop reducing. The company will officially stop support for these models from January 4, 2022.

However, the company made it clear that its devices which work on Android. They will continue to receive support in the future. In a press release for non-Android device users, the company said that, as a reminder, we are notifying that some basic services such as BlackBerry OS, 7.1 OS, PlayBook OS 2.1 series, and BlackBerry 10 will cease to support any further. It is doing so that facilities like calls, SMS, emergency calls can be stopped through these devices.

Currently, OnwardMobility holds a license to manufacture BlackBerry devices. After the introduction of the iPhone, the market value of Blackberry dropped significantly, and eventually, the company lost its relevance.

When other brands such as Samsung switched to touchscreen smartphones to stay in the market, Blackberry decided to continue with its older smartphones, and by then, it was too late to make a comeback. If you are also using an Android Blackberry smartphone, then make sure to back up your phone’s data as soon as possible.

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