Software company Brave has finally launched the first stable version of its in-house web browser called the Brave Browser. As part of the launch, the Brave browser 1.0 is available on multiple platforms. Interested users can head to the official website for download links for Android, iOS, Windows, macOS, and Linux. The stable version comes almost four years after the company launched its first version. The highlight of the browser is likely to be its user privacy-focused stance with impressive features. The launch comes about a month after the company revealed that it has about 8 million monthly active users.

Brave 1.0 features and details

The features of Brave that try and set it apart from the rest of the browsers are all related to privacy. Brave comes with a built-in ad blocker along with comprehensive anti-tracking features. The ad-blocking technology goes beyond usual block-lists to include machine learning to identify more blocking rules. It also comes with a private browsing mode as seen in most browsers. However, here, Brave also allows users to open private sessions with the help of the Tor network for additional security.

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It also comes with a cryptocurrency-based private advertisement system for content creators. In fact, Brave Rewards, the private ad system also comes with a similar crypto-based payment platform. Taking a closer look, interested users can use this system to donate to their favorite content creators. Creators do need to signup to the platform for this system to work. As per a report from TechCrunch, Brave revealed that it has about 3,00,000 publishers signed up. These publishers range from users with a small following on YouTube and Twitter to larger publications.

Some of the large publications include Wikipedia, The Washington Post, The Guardian, and more. As part of the system, the Brave Browser shows a small number of ads as a notification in a separate private ad tab. These will be based on the browsing habits of the user. The interesting thing here is that users get about 70 percent of the money that advertisers spend while Brave keeps 30 percent. Users earn Basic Attention Tokens (BAT), the Brave cryptocurrency. Users can choose to keep this or give it to the publishers of their choice. In the future, developers are planning to focus on improved sync with support for tab and history syncing.

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