BSNL is reportedly offering cashback benefits to its annual subscribers. But, the benefit is only limited to postpaid BSNL users. The telecom company earlier offered cashbacks on FTTH and broadband plans. As per a fresh report, if a subscriber buys Rs 1,525 monthly rental plan, they will have to pay a total annual fee of Rs 18,300. Out of which, you will only get Rs 4,575 cashback.

So, the total cashback the company is offering its customers is 25 percent. Other plans that fall under the annual cashback scheme is Rs 1,125. The total amount that you will have to pay on a yearly basis will be Rs 13,500. You can then get Rs 3,375 cashback, Telecomtalk reports. “For the top three plans of fixed monthly charge (FMC) Rs 1,525, Rs 1,125 and Rs 799, BSNL will offer 25 percent of cashback to the subscribers,” the report stated.

Furthermore, BSNL is offering 20 percent of cashback on plans like Rs 725 and Rs 525 per month. Postpaid customers opting for Rs 399, Rs 325 and Rs 225 can get 10 percent cashback benefit. Separately, the telecom operator is also offering cashback on semi-annual subscriptions. Customers either buy Rs 9,150 or Rs 6,750 six months plan, they will get only 12 percent of cashback. This further means that with Rs 9,150 plan, you will get cashback worth of Rs 1,098 and with the other plan, you get Rs 810, the cited source mentioned.

“Quite similar to the above pricing structure for annual plans, the top three postpaid plans with fixed monthly charges of Rs 1,525, Rs 1,125 and Rs 799 will offer 12 percent cashback on six monthly subscriptions.” Moving ahead, on Rs 725 and Rs 525 plans, BSNL will reportedly give 8 percent of cashback, and only 4 percent on Rs 399, Rs 325 and Rs 225 plans to the postpaid users.

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Do note that the offer is limited to BSNL’s Kerala circle only. The source also highlighted that customers will get the cashback only when they deposit the entire subscription period’s amount beforehand. “Subscribers who buy these subscriptions in April or May of this year will enjoy a waiver on security deposit charges and activation charges as well,” the report said.

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