In the mobile gaming space, PUBG Mobile has been the sole dominating candidate when it comes to the battle royale genre, and in terms of numbers, it is winning the most popular game segment by a margin. Although it seems that Activision has some different plans for this year and has just announced at Game Developers Conference 2019 that Android users will soon be getting a new game called Call of Duty: Mobile. This is set to be a battle royale game that has been created to challenge PUBG Mobile for the crown.

With each day we get smartphones that are almost as powerful as laptops out there and this is the perfect time to experiment with smartphone games. And Activision seems to have done just that, and want to capitalize on the huge crowd of gamers that have mobile. The new game Call of Duty: Mobile is set to be free to play which would be essential if the makers want to compete with PUBG Mobile.

Call of Duty: Mobile will be releasing on both Android and iOS later this year though there is no release date scheduled for the time being. For those that are interested in the game can pre-register for it right now on either the website or on the Google Play Store where it has been listed already. There has been an upsurge in the serious investment from big developers in the mobile segment, which shows the growing trend of people moving to smartphones for their gaming needs.

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