As we near the end of the first season of Call of Duty: Mobile the devs have community update which teases a snow map. The next season will be during December which means its going to be Christmas. Hence we expected a snow map and some Christmas themed items. It also mentions that the Zombie Mode will be out with this update.

The devs write, “That new Battle Pass will be filled with new loot, new gear, and plenty of ways to make you stand-out, or blend in, on the battlefield. On top of that there will be a variety of new content coming out around that same update, like controller support, new limited time modes, and a new classic map.” Many events are just nearing their end with this season, but the devs promise that a lot new is coming up later this month. These include many different limited time events, unique promotional offers, new items to obtain, in-game challenges to complete, map updates and more.

Besides this there is a new the Molotov Cocktail Event which is live. Those who can complete this event will get a few goodies but most importantly can earn a new scorestreak to utilize. Players will also be able to earn the M16 Stained Glass through a variety of weapon based challenges as part of the Weapon Mastery event. As for what’s coming, here’s what the post mentions:

– 11/11 – 11/18 ~ Call of Duty Endowment Pack

– 11/15 – 11/21 ~ Sniper Only Event & Challenge

– 11/15 – 11/24 ~ Molotov Cocktail Event

– 11/16 – 11/24 ~ Weapon Mastery – Multiplayer

– 11/22 ~ Zombie Mode

– 11/25 ~ Battle Pass Season 2 Begins

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Last week the devs mentioned Controller Support is coming out soon in an update and now they announced that more information is coming early next week. The upcoming blog post will provide information on the types of controllers supported, the settings, and how to set that up.

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