Of the many battle royale games on mobile the newest one is from Activision. The company announced the mobile version of Call of Duty in March this year. Activision announced the launch of Call of Duty: Mobile at Game Developers Conference 2019. The closed beta version of the game launched on certain smartphones in May. The game is now available to play for users in Australia and Canada.

The in-game message from the developers reads, “Call of Duty: Mobile is now live in Canada and Australia! We encourage you to share your feedback at https://support.activision.com/cod-mobile. Your input helps us continue to improve the game ahead of the World-Wide Launch. Get out there, join the action and thank you for playing Call of Duty: Mobile!”

Launch details

According to previous reports, the game will be hitting the Indian servers in November. The game was made available in a closed beta to certain gamers in select countries. And apparently the devs are going to launch the final version of the game when they finally do release the game for everyone. They reason that since the loyalists know the quality that Call of Duty games present they would expect the same. Call of Duty: Mobile will be an FPS and free to play. Players will be able to customize their characters with clothing and other gear. The present launch of the game in Australia and Canada seems to be an extended beta before the global launch.

Activision has reportedly carefully considered the timing of the launch keeping in mind the negative attention PUBG Mobile has drawn recently. Players will have the option to take part in competitive ranked mode and there will probably be reward crates.

Call of Duty: Mobile will be releasing on both Android and iOS later this year though there is no release date scheduled for the time being. For those that are interested in the game can pre-register for it right now on either the website or on the Google Play Store where it has been listed already. There has been an upsurge in the serious investment from big developers in the mobile segment, which shows the growing trend of people moving to smartphones for their gaming needs.

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