It seems Call of Duty: Mobile has created some new records and smashed its competition in terms of first month downloads. The game has apparently been downloaded 148 million times in the first month. This is more downloads than PUBG Mobile and Fortnite combined in the first month. First month downloads from the US and India combined comes up to 39.8 million. According to the data from Sensor Tower, this puts Call of Duty: Mobile just behind Pokémon GO in terms of first month downloads.

To compare, PUBG Mobile just had 60.7 million downloads in its first month after launch. While Fortnite racked up 35 million downloads which are still huge numbers. As for the profit made by Activision, it was $52.9 million in the first month of the game’s launch. Players from Japan raked up the biggest contribution at $22.8 million, followed by Japan with $7 million. On the other hand Fortnite in its first month on mobile earned just $27.1 million while PUBG Mobile earned just $3.5 million after introducing micro-transactions. The crown of the most downloads in a week is Call of Duty: Mobile’s with 100 million downloads.

The game brings experiences from Modern Warfare and Black Ops to the mobile form factor. It took just two days for Call of Duty: Mobile to reach 20 million downloads on Android and iOS. Now, it has achieved another milestone suggesting the popularity of the franchise. Its growth will raise concerns at PUBG Mobile and Fortnite, the two mainstream battle royale style games on these platforms. Sensor Tower notes that players have already spent $2 million in microtransactions within the game.

The data firm also observed that the game is most popular in India, which contributed to 14 percent of installs. The United States accounted for 9 percent of the downloads. The game brings head-to-head competitive experience, multiplayer modes as well as an all-new battle royale experience. It’s initial success can also be owed to classic locations featuring land, sea and air vehicles. The game brings the mobile format of the popular Call of Duty: Blackout mode, with 100-players, gunfights, vehicles and solo, duo and four-man queues.

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