TiMi Studios, the developer behind the popular Battle Royale game, Call of Duty Mobile has just revealed a new update. As part of the update, the developer has just added some new weapons to its in-game weapons store. The company also shared the details about the updated Credit Store on its official Twitter handle. Now, players will be able to buy new guns with the help of Credits. There are different from the COD Points or (CP) available in the game. To dig deeper, users can earn Credits inside the game without spending any real-world money. However, COD Points are only available as an actual purchase. The game does offer some COD Points but the amount is negligible. Let’s check the updated Call of Duty Mobile Credit Store and new weapons.

Call of Duty Mobile Credit Store update; details

Players can access the Credit Store by tapping the “Store” button on the bottom left corner. After this, they also need to tap on the “C” or Credit tab on the upper side of the screen. Here, the game developer has also highlighted all the new guns added to the store after the update. As part of the new update, Call of Duty Mobile developer has added M4 – Jade, M21 EBR – Flowing Bronze, PDW-57 – Frontier, and RUS-79U Reticulated weapons. Beyond this, you can also get a number of older weapons. The store has added the different prices for there items below the images.

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In addition, users can also purchase older weapons. Beyond weapons, users can also purchase character skins, Battle Royale specialist classes, or Multi-player operator skills and other in-game items. Most of the weapons, skills, and items initially launch as in-game task or event awards. This store acts as a second chance for users to get the items that they missed.

The updated Credit Store also comes just days after TiMi Studios rolled out the latest Call of Duty: Mobile update. This new update kicked off the latest Season 6 in-game event for players. Beyond this, the update also introduces two new maps, a new Western-inspired design, and more.

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