Canon scrambles and chip shortage leads printers to flag ink cartridges as fake

It is no news that the global chip shortage has led to delays across industries. Among other things, the chip shortage is also affecting the printers that use chips to confirm if the inserted ink cartridge is fake or genuine. The ongoing situation has also forced Canon to ship toner cartridges without the copy protection chips. This indeed has led some of the company’s multifunction printers to incorrectly flag official cartridges as knockoffs.

Social media is full of accounts wherein users document how their Canon printers are showing an error message when they insert a genuine ink cartridge from the company sans the copy protection chip. The situation has also forced Canon to explain to the users of the affected multifunction printers how to bypass its digital rights management tool. Previously, this tool prevented Canon printer users from using ink cartridges that were not manufactured by the company.

The German branch of the company in a support page has acknowledged the issue while listing the affected device and the way the digital rights management tool could be bypassed. “Due to the ongoing global shortage of semiconductor components, Canon is currently facing challenges in sourcing certain electronic components used in our consumables for our multifunction printers (MFPs),” Canon wrote in the post.

“To ensure a continuous and reliable supply of consumables, we have chosen to supply consumables without a semiconductor component until normal supply resumes,” the company added while assuring that using the ink cartridges without the chip will have “no negative impact on print quality”.

In the same support page, Canon has listed all the multifunction printers that are affected by this issue and how users could continue using the ink cartridges without the chip as it tries to resolve the situation. The company has listed a total of 19 multifunction printer models to be affected by this issue.

Meanwhile, in a statement to the Engadget, the company has said that there is no shortage of ink cartridges and that it will provide a continuous supply of toner cartridges to its customers.

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