If you’re looking for a new wristwatch to buy and happen to be a fan of space exploration, the new Casio G-shock NASA edition watch is something worth looking at. The limited-edition watch doesn’t have the typical smartwatch features in it but comes with a lot of attention to detail. This includes the classic NASA logo on top along with the all-white color scheme. Moreover, it also comes at a ridiculously cheap price, much lesser than what you would expect for a limited edition timepiece.

The Casio G-shock NASA Edition with model number DW5600NASA20 also has more than just the colors. The EL backlight in the digital watch will display a moon in the background when you check the time in darkness. On the back of the case, you will find an etched Moon too.

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NASA’s merchandise requirements also forbid brands from using any form of graphics that suggest a joint venture or endorsement. Hence, there is room for only one All-Caps logo on the front of the Casio G-Shock NASA Edition, and obviously, NASA takes the MVP spot here. A small Casio and G-shock logos along with back is as far as the brand could manage. Even the packaging of the new G-Shock watch comes with a special tin that is reminiscent of American spacecraft.

Casio G-Shock NASA Edition: Price and availability

The Casio G-Shock NASA Edition is surprisingly affordable for a limited edition digital watch at just $130 (about Rs 9,858). Many space-themed watches that have mechanical constructions are known to cost thousands of dollars. However, despite the low price, getting your hands on one of these will be a much harder task.

Casio has reportedly already sold out the initial batch of the watches. The new orders for the Casio G-Shock NASA Edition will not ship until May 6, 2020. Consider the lockdown restrictions on top of that, with international shipments unlikely to exist for a while, and you’ll realize the catch for the affordability here.

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