CES 2019 is underway, and we have seen a number of interesting products launching at the expo. These include a range of laptops from Asus, Lenovo, and Dell, Nvidia GeForce RTX 2060 graphics, AMD Ryzen 3000-series chipsets and more. We also saw a range of 4K and 8K TVs from LG, Sony and Samsung. Chipmaker Intel, on the other hand, introduced 6 new ninth-generation Core processors at CES 2019, and these processors will be powering the upcoming laptops. The new processors bring massive improvements over the existing ones, and here’s how they will change your upcoming laptops. 

Thin and light profile

Intel unveiled the new chipsets, but did not announce the exact processor names, configuration and capabilities. However, the company did announce that the chipset is based on the long-awaited 10nm node, and features Sunny Cove architecture. The new chipsets carry code name ‘Ice Lake’ and 10-nanometer process means the processor will be smaller in size. This also means that the new laptops will be sleek and slim, with thickness less than 10 millimeters.

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Power at the core

The die shrunk to 10nm not only allows for smaller size processors, but also allows chipmakers to pack more transistors, which also means more processing power. This will greatly help in improving performance – meaning faster boot times, quick app loading and more. 


A battery that lasts longer

Be it smartphones or laptops, battery life is one of the major concerns for many. The new Ice Lake processors offer two major advantages on the battery front. Firstly, the 10nm process helps in improving efficiency, thus offering better battery life. Secondly, as the processor itself is smaller, the motherboard will also be smaller, which means laptop manufactures can pack larger capacity batteries, which means better battery life. 


Improved gaming performance

Gaming has always been a weak point for Intel, and the company’s HD Graphics received only minor updates over the years. However, that will change with the new Ice Lake processors, as Intel is packing Gen11 integrated graphics solutions. Intel says the G11 will offer better framerates, along with other important standards such as HDR and Adaptive Sync. While the new integrated graphics solution won’t turn every other laptop into a gaming machine, it will still offer better performance than before.


One port, multipurpose use

For years, we have been relying on multiple connectivity ports for charging, data transfer, video output and more. However, Ice Lake’s new Sandy Cove architecture offers nifty improvements to the design while focusing on feature set. While a number of existing laptops support Thunderbolt 3, Ice Lake will support Thunderbolt over Type-C. It’s the one port to rule them all – be it as an audio output, as a charging port, as a video output, and more. What’s more, it will also support fast charging, that’s an added bonus.



Sure, these feature sets make the Ice Lake processor powered laptops to look forward to. But we will have to wait until the second half of the year before laptops powered by the new processor start hitting the shelves.

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