CES 2021: Intel unveils new processors for gaming, business and education

It’s day 2 at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2021 and Intel has a rather busy day at the virtual event where it showcased its new lineup of processors for various industries and also showcased some of its upcoming products.

Not a lot is known of when these new processors will be coming to new laptops, PCs and smartphones but Intel sure has people excited about its new portfolio. Let’s take a look at what Intel announced at the mega event.

VPro series for businesses

Intel says its 11th Gen Core vPro line offers the best performance in a thin a light form factor. It comes with added security features like the Intel Hardware Shield which as per the company is the industry’s first silicon-based AI threat detection to prevent ransomware and crypto-mining attacks. The company says that the Intel Control-Flow Enforcement technology shuts down an entire class of attacks. The new CPU also promises better battery performance.

N-Series processors for education

Intel has developed the N-series specifically targeting the education sector. This isn’t the most powerful processor in the lineup but at the same time is the most affordable. The N-series combines Intel’s Pentium Silver and Celeron processors. Intel says that the new Celeron processors offer up to 35 percent better performance with 78 percent better graphics. It also adds advanced camera and connectivity features for an enriched video conferencing and viewing experience.

H-series for gaming

The 11th Gen Intel Core H-series mobile processors have been launched for mobile gaming and even enthusiast-level gaming laptops. These also house some of the most powerful processors in the lineup ie the Intel Core i7 Special Edition — a quad-core processor that can go as high as 5GHz Turbo. Brands like Asus, Acer, MSI are among others that are expected to announce their systems powered by the H-Series. The new H-series also feature new Gen 4 PCIE architecture for connecting to the latest discrete graphics and deliver amazingly low latency and immersive gameplay on the go.

Alder Lake and Rocket Lake processors teased

Perhaps the most interesting processor at the event, Alder Lake is set to go against Apple‘s ARM M1 chip which is powering its latest MacBooks. As per Intel, the new Alder Lake chipset users a hybrid architecture which is similar to ARM’s BIG.little. Alder Lake utilizes high-performance cores alongside high-efficiency ones. Intel has said that it wants this platform to be at the core of desktops and notebooks instead of focusing on smartphones.

It’s possible these chipsets will hit the market in the second half of the year.

The company also teased its Rocket Lake Intel Core i9-11900K processor that comes with PCIe support bumping up the IPC (instructions per cycle) by 19 percent.

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