CES 2021: LG to showcase Transparent OLED displays

LG will showcase its new Transparent OLED screens at the upcoming Consumer Electronics Show (CES), which is scheduled to take place virtually from January 11, 2021. LG’s OLED screens offer 40 percent transparency, compared to only 10 percent on the existing transparent LCD. The company claims there is a growing demand for Transparent OLED, which can be used in smart homes, smart buildings, subways, etc.

Among products showcased by LG at CES 2021 will be a Smart Bed that will feature a frame that can be moved to the foot of the bed. The frame will essentially include LG’s 55-inch Transparent OLED display, which will pop up with the push of a button. The frame will show information as well as TV contents, without compromising on its clear image quality, LG said in a press statement.

The idea is a clutter-free bedroom space where the TV screen fits inside a frame in bed. Also, the frame is movable, so it can easily be carried from one place to another.

Another use case of LG’s Transparent OLED is in restaurants, where, say a 55-inch Transparent OLED display can be placed to deliver information and maintaining a connection between people on the two sides of the screen, thanks to its transparency. LG will also have a Restaurant Zone at CES 2021 where it will showcase this.

LG has also talked about the application of its 55-inch OLED display in a subway train, which will be displayed in the company’s Metro Zone at its booth at CES 2021. In this case, the transparent display is said to replace traditional windows so that passengers can view information such as weather information and line maps along with the passing scenery.

Meanwhile, LG has unveiled its new Mini LED TV line-up ahead of CES 2021. The LG QNED TV comes with liquid crystal display (LCD) TV technology and uses ultra-small LEDs as the backlight. LG claims its new QNED Mini LED TVs can deliver contrast ratios of one million to one. The lineup also offers support for 120Hz refresh rate.

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