Robbers and criminal masterminds seem to be making use of the latest technology to step up their game. According to a new report on the internet, it looks like chain snatchers in Hyderabad seem to be taking the assistance of openly available data on Google Maps to only target the areas with no traffic jams. They are doing this to ensure that they can make an easy getaway after committing the crimes. This was verified by the police after nine chain snatching crimes took place in the last two days.

According to a dedicated report by the Times of India, the police reached this conclusion after going through the footage from all the nine crime places. The report noted that crimes were concentrated in the LB Nagar zone of Rachakonda commissionerate. The criminals also targeted four victims in Chaitanyapuri, Vanasthalipuram, and Hayathnagar and used a KTM Duke bike to commit the crimes. The police believe that the criminals are outsiders as the bike has a temporary registration number.

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According to the report, the two criminals involved in the crimes started committing the crimes at around 4:30 PM on Wednesday and then resumed the criminal activities from 7 AM on Thursday. This went on for 15 hours and the criminals got away with about 25 tolas of Gold spanning nine chain snatching incidents.

This instance indicates the different ways of misuse of technology that is usually made available to make lives easier for internet users. The police have not issued any statement according to the report regarding the use of Google Maps. On the flipside, the use of footage from the crime scenes to identify the robbers also acts as a useful case of taking the benefit of the technology.

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