Since the pandemic hit the world, people have started spending more and more time on the internet. As per several cyber security experts, online scams and hacking incidents have increased at a massive scale since last year when the pandemic hit the world.

With the growing number of cybercrime incidents, Google is making it easy for users to find out if their password has been exposed online. The tech giant has introduced the Google Password Checker tool that allows users to check the list of social media and other account passwords exposed in a data leak.

To use the Google Chrome Password Checker tool, you must upgrade your laptop/PC to the latest Chrome version, to Chrome version 96 or above. For the Password Checker to work, your social accounts must be synced with Google.

How to check if your social password is compromised

Step 1: Update Google Chrome version to 96 and above

Step 2: Open Chrome on your device

Step 3: Head over to the Settings menu by clicking on the three dots in the top right corner

Step 4: Click on “Autofill” option in the list

Step 5: Next click on “Passwords” and then on “Checked Passwords” option.

Once this step has been followed Google will run a scan and check and display the list of compromised passwords.

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If any of your passwords have been exposed online, we suggest update/changing them immediately by heading over to the concerned platform. For instance, if Google Password Checker shows your Facebook account password has been exposed, you must immediately head over to the social platform > Settings menu > Privacy > Change password.

To set up a strong password, you must include a minimum of eight characters at least. A strong password consists of words, numbers, special characters and more. This will make it difficult for hackers to guess passwords and reduce the chances of them getting compromised the next time.

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