Check out this portable PlayStation 4 made by a Japanese technician

What is indeed every gamer’s dream come true, a Japanese technician has created a portable working prototype of the PlayStation 4 gaming console which offers its users playtime of up to 1 hour.

Though Sony has a portable gaming console in the PlayStation Portable aka PSP, it has not been able to deliver the level of performance you’d get from its bigger counterpart.

PlayStation in a box!

Sharing his creation on Twitter, Twitter user DX Terraria has had the gaming community awestruck with their latest creation. DX Terraria was able to reassemble the entire PS4 set up inside a small suitcase with a working screen and a DVD player inside. The video of the portable gaming console has gone viral on the internet as gamers are wondering whether a commercial version of the same would be possible in the near future.

What’s on the inside?

The acrylic cover on the top of the console is fixed with a magnet and that means that it is easy to remove the game disc from the setup. The overall weight of the portable device is 6.4 kilos which is roughly the same as the PlayStation 5. While answering queries of curious netizens, the technicians who made the console said that it cost them 50,000 yen (Rs 35,000 approx). They confirmed that they were not interested in selling their creation, however, admitted if a commercial version of the device was a possibility it would be sold for around Rs 1.05 lakh.

The portable PlayStation 4 can be charged using an adapter like any other laptop and offers its users playtime of up to an hour.

Portable PS5 a possibility?

The technicians also added that they are working on a portable version of the newly-released PlayStation 5 which would take a couple of years to finish. The PlayStation 5 has been released globally and will also be launched in India on 2 February with pre-orders for the gaming console starting on 12 January. There is a lot of excitement around Sony’s flagship gaming console considering it has taken months for it to be launched in the Indian market.

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