Check why this man blew up his Tesla Model S with ‘Elon Mask’ inside: Watch video

Tesla cars have gained a lot of attention in markets all over the world, even at places where the American company hasn’t officially launched yet. However, one of the early adopters of the EV company seems to be displeased with his car. He went as far as exploding his Tesla Model S and that too with all preparedness.

We have often seen buyers retreat to unique ways of protesting against big automobile manufacturers. However, this gentleman not only wanted to draw attention but genuinely derive pleasure from it. A man in Finland by the name Tuomas Katainen exploded his 2013 Tesla Model S and made it look cinematic. He used 30 kg dynamite to get the job done.

Tuomas bought his Tesla in 2013 and in a video shared on YouTube, he claimed that the car’s dashboard was showing numerous errors. He had to tow his car back. When he contacted the company about the issue, they answered saying that he will have to replace the battery on the 8-year-old car which would cost him north of €20,000 (roughly Rs 17 lakh). Considering that the car had gotten old, the warranty wouldn’t cover the battery change.

Instead of going for a battery replacement Tuomas opted for something dramatic. He decided to blow up the car in front of cameras. In order to register his displeasure with the company CEO, he also made a helicopter dump an effigy with Elon Musk’s picture stuck in the place of the face. But they named it ‘Elon Mask’.

He then put the effigy in the car took shelter under a bunker-like establishment, with a big crowd gathered to see the car explode. The explosion was also being recorded by high-quality slow-motion capturing cameras.

At the end of the entire show, Tuomas even acknowledged that blowing up the car was much more fun when compared to driving it.

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