China has just issued a warning to the Indian government about “reverse sanctions” while asking it to not block Huawei. The country stated that the ban on Huawei in India could result in similar consequences on Indian companies in China. This warning comes months before the expected 5G cellular infrastructure trials in the country. Indian telecom minister Ravi Shankar Prasad stated that the government has still not decided if it wants to invite Huawei for these trails. For some context, this development comes around the time when Huawei is at the center of a trade war between the United States and China.

As previously noted, the United States of America placed the Chinese electronics giant on a trade blacklist back in May. The United States cited concerns regarding the national security of the country for the move. The decision pushed almost all United States companies to sever ties with Huawei. Beyond this, the country also asked its allies to not use the Huawei-made telecom equipment. The United States claimed that China could exploit the telecom hardware and spy on the communications. According to past reports, the United States has been trying to ensure that Huawei remains out of 5G infrastructure across the globe.

China asks India to ensure that Huawei is not banned

According to a report by Reuters, Chinese officials conveyed this warning to Vikram Misri, the Indian ambassador to Beijing. The report added that the Chinese foreign ministry called Misri on July 10 to talk about its concerns regarding Huawei. China asked India to not block Huawei from the country under the pressure from Washington. The Chinese foreign ministry later clarified that it hopes that “India would make an independent decision” regarding its 5G bidders. A statement added, “Huawei has carried out operations in India for a long time, and has made contributions to the development of Indian society and the economy that is clear to all”

The report noted that even though India has a rather small presence in China, a reverse sanction will affect major companies. These companies include the likes of Infosys, TCS, Reliance Industries, Mahinda & Mahindra, and more. It also noted that the situation around Huawei is likely to make the India China relationship a bit tense.

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