Christmas 2018: Google wishes Happy Holidays with an animated doodle

The festival season is upon us, and Google has already got into the celebration mood. The company has put up an animated doodle on its homepage wishing everyone happy holidays. On its doodle page, there is a simple description that reads, “It’s that festive time of year again! Sending along holiday cheer to you & your loved ones during this merry time. Happy Holidays!”

The animated doodle is all about festive season, and everything you see is decorated with various Christmas ornaments. The letter ‘L’ in the word Google has been replaced with a tall Christmas tree. You can also see a few gifts kept below the tree.

Below the Google logo, you can also see Santa Claus and his entourage getting ready for the busy festive season. On the left are two reindeers resting, while on the right Santa Claus is resting on a rocking chair. There is also an elf resting on a rocking chair with a gift in its hand.

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Christmas falls on December 25 every year, and it marks the beginning of the holiday season in several Western countries. The day is celebrated for the birth of Jesus Christ. People decorate their houses with lights and decked up Christmas trees. They also pray at churches, exchange gifts, sing Christmas carols, feast together to mark the festival.

Among everyone, children are the most excited about the day of Christmas. Besides being a holiday, it is also the day the fabled Santa Claus brings them gifts.

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