Google has just launched the latest version of its in-house ultra-book operating system Chrome OS. The new update brings Chrome OS to version 76. According to a report detailing all the changes, the highlight of the new OS is that it blocks Flash by default in the web browser. Users can still switch it back to “Ask first” behavior that is present on past versions of the Chrome OS. Other changes in the report reveal a number of improvements including easier Android app sign-in on Chrome OS. The company will roll out this feature “later this month”.

Google Chrome OS 76 improvements and changes

As part of the announcement, the company rolled out media controls in the OS notification center. These controls are similar to the Android users get in the notification area. The report by 9to5Google also revealed that the new update brings a redesigned Google Camera app to the Chrome OS. Taking a look at the new design, one can find the shutter button and other modes on the right side of the screen. Other controls including mirroring the feed, grid toggle, and timer on the left side.

The new update also tries to fix the Incognito Mode in Chrome to ensure that browsers can’t detect private mode. Settings app in Chrome OS also gets some improvements. As part of the new changes, the settings app sports an “always” present “navigation drawer”. Chrome OS 76 brings improvements to its browser by allowing websites to automatically enable dark mode. It also allows users to easily “Install” Progressive Web Apps with a shortcut in the Omnibox.

According to the report, PWAs will now check for updates more frequently (daily). The update also added support for “Frosted glass” look in apps across the UI. The report added that Chrome OS 76 will be available to all Chromebooks in the market in the coming weeks.

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