Clubhouse clone from Facebook on the cards: Here are all the details

Facebook is soon expected to cash in on the growing popularity of Clubhouse, an audio-based chatting platform, and come up with its own version of the same.

The Mark Zuckerberg-owned platform aims to launch a platform like Clubhouse with an aim to expand its horizon into more modes of communication. Let’s have a look at the details we have.

Facebook’s Clubhouse alternative in making

As suggested by two unknown people close to the matter (via The New York Times), Facebook is working towards a platform, much like Clubhouse, which is currently climbing the fame ladder.

For those who don’t know what Clubhouse is, it is an app that relies on verbal communication to have discussions by creating voice chat rooms on it. Founded by Paul Davison and Rohan Seth last year, the app is invite-only and currently available as a beta app on iOS. There isn’t any word on when it will be available for all.

The app rose to popularity amid the Coronavirus pandemic when people were looking for ways to communicate digitally and is an interesting take on podcasts.

It is revealed that Zuckerberg has shown his interest in a platform meant audio communications and even appeared on Clubhouse as part of a discussion on topics such as Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR).

To bring a Clubhouse clone to reality, a team has been set up to work on it. The platform revealed to have been in its ‘earliest’ stage, which means we can’t comment on how it will turn out. Plus, it is still facing identity issues for there is no name to it and a codename is bound to change.

This piece of information comes after the microblogging site Twitter recently introduced the Spaces feature on its app, which also tries to copy Clubhouse and enable audio-based communications.

Cloning yet again?

If the aforementioned information sounds pretty familiar, you aren’t alone. Facebook has a habit of looking at other app features getting popular, copying them, and pasting them onto its apps. It did the same when Instagram, Facebook app, and WhatsApp got hold of the Snapchat’s Stories feature. Although, timelines were different.

It went on to continue being a copycat when it introduced Reels on Instagram, which is a TikTok alternative and this happened when TikTok was going all infamous. In fact, Instagram is soon expected to get vertical Stories, taken from TikTok.

The crux is that Facebook is known for implementing others’ successful strategies into its products instead of coming up with something of its own. Clearly, Mark Zuckerberg has stopped experimenting and brainstorming.

Just to let you know, we still don’t much about Facebook’s ‘Clubhouse’ alternative and can’t comment on how well it will be received by users. Maybe, if its version is more accessible and not based on the ‘invite-only’ model, can it attain the same fame as its ‘source of inspiration.’

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