Clubhouse data breach: Audio chats leaked by hacker leading to security issues

Clubhouse is one of the most popular apps that has shot to fame lately, owing to its intriguing take on conversational podcasts. The app recently crossed eight million downloads on the App Store, giving us hints about its growing popularity. Even known names such as Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg have shown interest in the app.

However, it seems that the invite-only Clubhouse app is not only popular but prone to being hacked as the app was recently found leaking people’s audio chats, courtesy of a hacker who could access users’ chats. Here’s what happened.

Clubhouse not really a safe house

As revealed by a Bloomberg report, a hacker was able to access users’ audio chats and stream them on a third-party website, raising security concerns. The audio chats belonged to multiple ‘rooms’ on the platform. This comes after the app recently ensured people that steps towards the safety of the users will be taken soon.

The hacker built a system around the JavaScript tools that were used to compile Clubhouse. This way, the hacker was able to improvise the app and access users’ chats and display them on another site.

While acknowledging the data breach, Clubhouse spokesperson Reema Bahnasy has suggested that the unknown cybercriminal has been permanently blocked from the audio-based chat app. It is also revealed that Clubhouse has introduced ‘safeguards’ for the same, however, researchers at Stanford Internet Observatory say otherwise.

Stanford researchers claim that even though Clubhouse adhere to stringent security measures, users shouldn’t rely on them and should know that their chats still aren’t safe. You should know that SIO was the first one to cite Clubhouse security issues a few days ago.

Alex Stamos, director of the SIO, said, “Clubhouse cannot provide any privacy promises for conversations held anywhere around the world.”

Should you be concerned?

It is also revealed that Clubhouse has connections with China as most of the backend stuff is taken care of by a Shanghai-based startup called Agora Inc. This dependency raises further security concerns as there are chances of users’ data being shared with the Chinese Government.

Considering Clubhouse’s popularity is going uphill and with more and more people joining the app, it gets quite scary for people’s data being out in jeopardy.

While we don’t know what all measures Clubhouse iOS app will take to sort the issues surfacing, we hope to get these solutions as soon as possible before its career gets into trouble.

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