Technology giants are working on multiple ways to help health professionals across the globe during coronavirus pandemic. Some of the ways these companies have helped are by donating PPE and face masks to hospitals or healthcare centers in need. Beyond this, companies such as Apple and Google have teamed up to work on a cross-platform contact tracing feature. Both companies are currently working on baking this feature on the operating system level. In addition, Google has also released its community mobility report to share the movement habits of its users. Weeks after the first report from Google, Apple has also shared its Mobility Trends report.

Apple Mobility data shares insights about Maps users during coronavirus pandemic

The technology giant shared its mobility data rends tool to provide some useful insights for healthcare professionals. Apple revealed that the tool uses data gathered using Apple Maps. It also revealed that the data can prove useful in combating the spread of COVID-19. Looking at the Mobility website, Apple reiterated that Maps does not associate the collected data with the Apple ID. In addition, the company will publish daily reports to reflect the changes. Apple also reaffirmed that it does not keep a history of the location data. Now, let’s take a closer look at the data related to India.

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According to the data available on the website, Apple Maps has seen a sharp decline in walking and driving. This decline started right around the time of the lockdown. In fact, the data indicates a dip in the second week of March 2020, then a upwards burst before falling flat.

Apple Maps Mobility trends data India

Taking a closer look, walking saw a decline of 73 percent while driving saw a decline by 81 percent. These numbers are likely to continue to stay in this zone until the government lifts the lockdown. As previously reported, the Government of India recently decided to extend the lockdown by three more weeks.

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