The Coronavirus pandemic grows with each day. As more and more people are being asked to stay at home across many regions, entire industries are being affected. After the trade, manufacturing and sports have taken a hit, now the entertainment sector is facing problems to. From releases to production, movies and shows have come to a standstill. However, Conan O’Brien will still continue to produce episodes of his ‘Late Night’ show while working from home.

The TV host recently took to Twitter to announce the same a few days ago. Brien mentioned that he would be coming back on air by the end of the month. He will continue to work from home by shooting his part from an iPhone. Meanwhile, other members of O’Brien’s crew will also be working from their respective homes to bring back the late-night show on TV.

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The steps taken by O’Brien and his crew are to practice and encourage ‘Social Distancing’ to prevent further spread of the outbreak.

“All my staff will work from home, I will shoot at home using an iPhone, and my guests will Skype.”, read the tweet by Conan.

The host isn’t the only one to host his shows from home. Another popular TV host, Jimmy Fallon from ‘The Tonight Show’ recently took the same measures. He published ‘The Tonight Show: At Home Edition (The First One)’ on his official YouTube channel recently. The episode sees Jimmy’s wife as the camera operator and his dog Gary and daughter Franny as the guests. The Coronavirus outbreak in the US also saw another TV show host stay at home and work. The Daily Show host Trevor Noah also published a similar episode on his YouTube channel. Titled ‘The Daily Social Distancing Show’, the episode sees Noah at home, sitting on his couch as he talks about recent funny and informative affairs.

Coronavirus update

The Coronavirus pandemic so far has over 3,43,400 cases globally with over 14,900 deaths. The USA is currently the third most affected country after China and Italy. The country has over 35,000 cases so far and 458 deaths as of now. Meanwhile, India has recently confirmed 425 cases with 8 deaths so far.

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