Apple iPhone maker Foxconn and Wistron Corporation have suspended their production across India. This move comes just hours after the Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi announced a 21-day nation-wide lockdown. The production suspension will ensure that both companies can comply with the order. This move is likely to hit the output of Apple products including iPhones and more. The suspension is also likely to hit other electronics brands in India as these companies also make non-Apple products. Let’s have a closer look at the move and its implications in the Indian market.

Coronavirus shutdown pushes iPhone makers to suspend production; details

According to a report from Bloomberg, Foxconn revealed that it is suspending the operations till April 14. The company clarified that it plans to resume production in India after further directions from the Indian government. Wistron also stated that it is shutting down production in line with the government order. The report noted that both the companies did not reveal the exact models that will be affected by the suspension. However, as noted in the past, both the manufacturers usually make older iPhone models including iPhone XR. In addition, the company largely makes products of the Indian market. This likely means that it won’t impact the latest Apple iPhone 11 series.

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Wistron believes that the coronavirus lockdown in the countries where it operates is a short-term problem. These countries include India and Malaysia. The company revealed that it does not have any labor shortage and work can resume quickly after the lockdown is lifted. Regardless, the report notes that this lockdown will impact Apple’s growth in the Indian market.

It is worth noting that Apple will not be the only company to face problems in maintaining its growth in India. All smartphone makers including Samsung, Xiaomi, Vivo, Oppo, and more are equally impacted by the lockdown. It is also possible that the country may extend the lockdown depending on the situation. The report also noted that this will also impact the Apple Maps data updates as the team works out of an office in Hyderabad. Apple did not provide a comment on the shutdown.

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