It’s been a really long time since the last Crysis game launched for the world to play. For those that don’t know the legacy of this game, during the launch of the first Crysis game there wasn’t hardware in the market to play it in max visual settings. Crysis games have been used as benchmarks since their launch. The last one to release was Crysis 3 back in 2013, which was kind of a bust for publisher EA and developer Crytek GmbH. And now the German game developer has released a new CryEngine Tech Demo Reel which shows off the capabilities of the newest engine.

The demo starts off by showcasing the visuals from the new game Hunt Showdown, which released recently and is  a multiplayer-focused game. We get to see the different improvements in the game that include dynamic lighting, vegetation touch bending, object based motion blur. These different features are showcased as the scene changes with a new portal every time. And finally at the 2:15 minute mark, the portal brings us to what looks like the island from Crysis.

WATCH: CRYENGINE 5.6 Tech Trailer

The camera progresses though the dense tropical shade and emerges on a cliff on top of a beach with cool blue waters. This scene has some familiar landmarks from the Crysis games. And then there’s an audio cue of a Nanosuit being turned on. The video ends at this point, and this is what has people hyped about a new game.

Besides this at the beginning of the video, when the developer looks for the video, there is the word ‘Prophet’ in the file location. For those that don’t remember Prophet is the name of one of the central characters in the series. People are also arguing that the voice that says CryEngine at the end of the video also belongs to Prophet. People are now arguing that this could be a remaster of the old Crysis games or a new game altogether.

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