It has been confirmed, Crysis Remastered is officially coming. The developers of the game, Crytek confirmed that the new game will be coming to PC, Sony PS4, Microsoft Xbox and Nintendo Switch platforms. This makes it the first time a Crysis game will be making its way to the Nintendo Switch platform. A new video posted on the social media channels by the Crysis team shows snaps of requests for a new game. This is followed by the remastered look of Nomad in the Nanosuit looking back.

People have been hoping for a new Crysis game for a long time. And hopes for a new game has been rekindled from time to time in the past. None more so than with the April Fools joke that was posted on the Crysis website this year. A funked up Nomad appeared on the website among flashes of light. This didn’t appear to be a joke to begin with, but when people delved into the source code, that is when they found the words ‘April Fools’ in them.

But besides this there have been other instances with CryEngine tech demo videos which rekindled hope for a new Crysis game. This happened last year as well as in March this year. But recently things became pretty certain that we will be getting a new Crysis game with a tweet that was posted on the official Twitter handle.

The tweet read, “RECEIVING DATA.” This is the first tweet from the account since December 2016. And the tweets from 2015 and 2016 were mostly about merchandising. But this one tweet definitely confirms the existence of a new game. Considering the teases that we have seen in the CryEngine demos in the recent past, it makes sense. Suddenly after this tweet even the April Fools text in the website does not seem so out of place anymore. The CryEngine video from March shows Nomad approaching the beach from the jungle on the island and going into stealth mode.

Another CryEngine video from September last year showed different games. But near the end the portal brings us to what looks like the island from Crysis. The camera progresses though the dense tropical shade and emerges on a cliff on top of a beach with cool blue waters. This scene has some familiar landmarks from the Crysis games. And then there’s an audio cue of a Nanosuit being turned on.

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