Direct To Home (DTH) provider Videocon has just announced a new combo to attract potential users. This new combo plan comes around the same time when its rivals are offering similar plans to DTH customers. The company is providing its D2h HD RF Set-Top box along with a number of attractive additions. Taking a closer look at the details about the new plan, D2h will offer Platinum HD Combo to TV channels for free for one month. The company has priced the combo of free TV channels and the HD RF Set-Top box for just Rs 1,799.

D2h HD RF Set-Top box offer details

Digging further for the details of the offer, Videocon will offer its Set-top box along with free TV channels and an RF remote. For some context, the HD RF Set-Top box is top of the line model that D2h can offer to its DTH customers. The Set-Top box comes with a number of interesting features such as “unlimited title or time-based recording”. It also allows users to fast-forward or rewind the recording done. D2h users can also pause Live TV with the help of this Set-Top box. In addition to this, it also comes with a mosaic feature. This allows users to display 12 channels from any genre on the screen at the same time.

A report by TelecomTalk also revealed that users opting this plan will also get free Set-Top box installation at their home. Now, let’s talk about the Platinum HD Combo channel pack that D2h is offering. According to the details, this plan usually costs Rs 616 per month. It offers 117 TV channels in total including a number of SD and HD channels from across the genre. This includes entertainment, movies, music, sports, news, infotainment, and kids channels. The pack offers both channels in English as well as Hindi to cover a wide range of users.

The one month offer for the Platinum HD Combo is likely to give users a taste of the service. D2h is hoping to impress the users in the starting month with this Como hoping that they will turn into regular subscribers. This new offer seems a direct response to price reduction announcements from other DTH players in the market. This includes the recent announcements from Airtel Digital TV and Tata Sky.

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