Popular Direct to Home (DTH) operator D2h has added 20 new combo packs to its portfolio. While the company has introduced new packs, it also has plans to discontinue a total of 9 combo packs soon. The latest packs from D2h include 7 Dual Language, 8 Regional, and 1 National. The DTH service provider has also unveiled four introductory packages with prices starting from Rs 84.75 per month.

D2h Regional Combo packs

Let’s first talk about the D2h Regional combo packs. This includes Aamara Odia Combo (228 channels for Rs 225.42), Hamara Punjabi Plus HD Combo (272ch/Rs 405.93), and Hamara Punjabi Plus SD Combo (271ch/Rs 217.19). The list also includes MP CG Ka Combo (257ch/Rs 303.39), Silver Gujarati Combo New (228ch/Rs 186.44), and Hamara UP Combo (254ch/Rs 413.56).

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D2h Introductory Value Combo packs

D2h is also offering four “Introductory Value Combo” packages. They are reportedly available on a promotional basis with 200 channels at a discounted NCF. These packs price start from Rs 84.75 and goes up to Rs 109.32 per month. If you are the one who watches channels of more than one language, then you check out D2h’s 7 new plans. The DTH service provider is offering Dual Language Kannada Tamil Combo (230 channels for Rs 227.97), Dual Language Kannada Telugu Combo (248ch/Rs 253.39) and Dual Language Malayalam Tamil Combo (220ch/Rs 211.02).

D2h Dual Language Combo packs

This list also consists of Dual Language Tamil Kannada Combo (230ch/Rs 219.49) and Dual Language Tamil Malayalam Combo (232ch/Rs 219.49. D2h customers can also check out Dual Language Tamil Telugu Combo pack (218ch/Rs 219.49, and Dual Language Telugu Tamil Combo (220ch/Rs 211.02).

D2h to discontinue 9 packs

DreamDTH reported that the DTH operator will eliminate 9 packs from its portfolio. These will reportedly be Dual Language Karnataka AP HD, Dual Language Karnataka AP SD, and Dual Language Kerala TN HD. As per the cited source, the company might also discontinue Dual Language Kerala TN SD, Dual Language TN AP HD and Dual Language TN AP SD. This list also comprises of Hamara Punjabi, Silver Combo, and Silver Gujarati Combo.

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