Dancing robots at Boston Dynamics win the internet, check out the video

It’s like the disco era is back at Boston Dynamics as a recent video from the engineering and robotics design company shows robots dancing to the song “Do You Love Me” by The Contours.

The flagship robots at the research centre – Atlas and Spot were showing off their moves in a synchronised dance video that has left the internet awestruck. What many thought to be CGI (Computer-generated Imagery) turned out to be the actual robots in the ‘metal’.

The video since its release has gone viral showing four robots setting the dance floor alight. Check out the video:

The video has been able to garner more than 11 million views on YouTube in a single day!

Boston Dynamics robots have been known for their exceptional ‘talents’. Several videos of the robots sprinting, doing gymnastics, backflips, parkor, washing dishes and even opening the door for a fellow four-legged machine have also been posted by the company.

But the company’s latest video is testament to what these robots are actually capable of. The video showcases the company’s entire lineup of robots from the humanoid ‘Atlas’ to the four-legged dog-shaped ‘Spot’ grooving to the music. You can also see another box-juggling robot dancing in sync with the others.

It takes a lot to impress Tesla CEO Elon Musk and even he did not shy away from tweeting what Boston Dynamics showcased. The reason he tweeted “This is not CGI” is because there have been such videos on YouTube where people have used CGI robots that resemble the ones at Boston Dynamics.

This is not the first time that Boston Dynamics has to show off its robots dancing. The company posted a video back in 2018 where Spot the robot was seen dancing to the Bruno Mars number “Uptown Funk”.

Boston Dynamics was recently purchased by automobile manufacturer Hyundai which acquired the robotics firm from SoftBank in a $1.1 billion deal. The company was earlier under the leadership of Google’s parent company Alphabet. It was originally found in 1992.

While Spot and Atlas are still in their prototype stages, Boston Dynamics has recently started selling the Spot as a commercial product at $74,500.

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