One of the most anticipated games of the past couple of years, Death Stranding is set for release on consoles next month. It will be out for PS4 on November 8 and now the twitter handle of Kojima Productions has announced that the PC version of the game is coming in the summer of 2020. The text of the tweet reads, “Thanks to all of you who have been supporting #DEATHSTRANDING! DEATH STRANDING release on PS4 is November 8, 2019!! Furthermore, KOJIMA PRODUCTIONS is happy to announce that DEATH STRANDING will be coming to PC in early summer of 2020!!”

While 505 Games is publishing this version of the game, it is surprising to say the least that we will get to see a PC port. The tweet thanks the fans for their support, and that is essential considering the game has been teasing for a while. It’s been a few years since the game first started teasing and we even got the first footage at E3 2018. The game was tagged as a PS4 exclusive for the longest time until it was removed back in May.

Though there is no more news on this right now, it seems like great news for those with a PC. And we could soon get some news about it with the Death Stranding World Tour starting this week in Paris. Hideo Kojima is in the habit of dropping hints and pieces of news when he’s talking about the game. With the game being one of the most confusing up until now, it does require some explanation from the creator.

The first trailer of the game was released quite a while back, and we have seen a few since. But the mystery around the game just does not seem to lift. Even creator Hideo Kojima at one point said that even he does not fully understand the game, and that could be interpreted as what it represents, and not the content of the game of course.

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