The biggest threat to today’s digital natives (people constantly using their digital devices for shopping and banking) is phishing scam. There have been multiple such threats discovered recently, which even forced RBI to issue a directive against such malware. Now, a businessman from New Delhi has reportedly lost Rs 2.5 lakh to a fraudster after his mobile phone was compromised by a malware. This is the newest online shopping scam allegedly affecting smartphone users in the country. The malware gets installed on a target device through a text message being sent to the user.

In the case of this Delhi-based businessman who was scrolling through an e-commerce website to buy furniture for his office, the victim got lured to the scam by looking at an attractive deal on the platform. A report by GadgetsNow says that the victim immediately the seller and was told that the seller is a retired defense personnel. The fraudster reportedly agreed to sell listed products at a far lesser price that previously listed in the deal. The fraudster then insisted on payment being made at the earliest in order to get the deal.

Once the deal was agreed, the victim got a text message on his phone. The text message reportedly contained words like ‘Add UPI money’, ‘Successful money transfer’ and had link to a website. When the victim clicked on the link in the text message, the fraudster is believed to have gained remote access to the phone. Once gaining access to victim’s phone, the fraudster got access to victim’s mobile phone and was able to initiate bank transactions.

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Apart from banking transactions, the fraudster has also gained access to photos and messages on the victim’s phone. Police have revealed that the link in the text message was shortened and carried a decoy message, which forced the victim to click on it. As a general thumb-rule, all smartphone users, who shop online, should know that if a deal is too good to be true then it makes sense to question the legitimacy of it. It is also advisable not to click on links that you receive via SMS advertising e-commerce deal.

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