Delhi Police is warning WhatsApp users of a new online scam: How to identify such scams?

Delhi Police is warning WhatsApp users against a new online scam that’s doing rounds. The scam claims that the user has won a cash reward of Rs 25 lakh in the popular quiz show Kaun Banega Crorepati (KBC). The message states that the registered phone number has been selected in the “KBC Sim Card Lucky Draw Compitation 2021.”

The message further claims that users avail the cash reward by clicking on the link shared along with the WhatsApp message. The link is said to redirect users to the KBC Office but that’s not the case in reality.

The WhatsApp message reads as follows:



I am vijay Kumar from KBC Koun Banega Carorepati mumbai!


Your wahtsapp Number Selected in KBC Sim Card Lucky Draw Compitation 2021!

You have won 25,00,000 Lacs KBC Cash Prize.

Apka WAHTSAPP Number KBC All india Sim Card Lucky Draw Compitation Main Winner Bangaya hai!

25,000,00 Lacs KBC Cash Prize Ka!

Please Contact Now KBC Office WhatsApp No:

KBC Manger:Mr rana prtabh singh

is Online And get your KBC Prize Money information!

Your Lottery No.0099

Your KBC File No:BT12

Dear winner please only call to WhatsApp!

Ap abi apne WhatsApp Number se KBC Office Me Whatsapp Call karein!


Detailing the new WhatsApp scam, the Delhi Police Cyber Cell notes, “Once the victim deposits that money, they start demanding for more on one pretext or another. The fraudsters insist on communicating only through WhatsApp. They induce the victim to deposit money in various bank accounts and the entire fraud goes on for several weeks and even months for as long as they can keep inducing the victim to deposit money.”

“After some time, they start telling the victim that the lottery amount has been increased further to Rs. 45 lakhs, then to Rs. 75 lakhs, so on and so forth so as to keep the victim engaged and interested. Finally, when the victim starts insisting on getting the money or refuses to pay more, they stop calling him/her and discontinue the WhatsApp numbers that were being used in the fraud,” the Cyber Cell authority further claims.

The Delhi Police authorities also warn that most messages claiming cash rewards are usually fraudulent and contain grammatical errors, which is the same for this case. If you carefully notice several words are misspelled. Additionally, messages asking users to reveal their personal details should also be considered suspicious.

The Cyber Cell authorities state that users who receive this message must take a screenshot and share it with officials at the nearest police station.

How to identify such scams and stay safe?

-Such scam messages often include grammatical errors

-Messages claiming to offer cash rewards should be considered suspicious

-Messages asking for personal should not be entertained as in most cases they ae suspicious.

-Never click on links that are sent with such scammy messages.

-Never forward such messages to others

-If you receive such messages, report them to the nearest police station.

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