It has been a few months since the true wireless audio market gained momentum in India. Since then, every brand has rushed to have at least one offering in the segment. This even includes brands you’d usually associate with smartphones like Realme and Samsung. However, the sheer number of variants you have seen likely span across a large price bracket too. The more money you have to spend, the more options you have to chose from. But what if you didn’t have bucket full of cash to spend? Enter, the Detel Di-Pod.

A promising truly wireless offering from Detel that sells for just over Rs 2,000. Detel has been primarily synonymous with the feature phone market. The brand recently started producing audio products like the Detel Curve ProBass headphones and a range of Bluetooth speakers like the Detel Marvell. Now the Di-Pod is the brand’s first TWS offering. It boasts two things that everyone wants from a pair of TWS buds – good sound and great battery life. At the small price tag, it doesn’t ask for much, but does it deliver? Let’s find out!

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Design, Build

The Detel Di-Pods are a budget offering so there isn’t much style on offer here. You get a small case with a minimal design language that extends inside the box too. A simple lid, no buttons and a micro-USB port at the back with a status LED next to it make up the design. Opening the lid reveals the symmetrically placed buds. For the price, the build quality of the case feels pretty solid, we must say.

Detel Di-Pod

Detel Di-Pod

Pull them out and the first thing you’ll notice is the small form factor. These are lightweight, and barely take up any space either. The angular earbuds go in the ear in an unconventional way. The bulk of the earpiece stands erect facing upwards rather than hanging downwards. On the face of both the buds is a ‘D’ branding that also labels the tactile buttons. The buds are so compact in size and shape that when you wear them there is barely any protrusion. For instance, we were able to wear a helmet on top of the buds and not feel like the buds were being pressed into our ears.

Detel Di-Pod

Just like the case, the buds also feel solid to the touch. However, the buds don’t feel very secure in the ear. Since the Detel Di-Pods have no earhooks or similar mechanism to keep the units in pace, you must solely rely on a secure fit. It is here that the lightweight nature also acts as a double edge sword. The Di-Pods won’t fall off on their own when you headbang to rock and roll, but can be easily knocked off. We wouldn’t try running outdoors with these on. The Di-Pods are better off in safe indoor environments.


The Detel Di-Pods offer really amazing sound. There is unsurprisingly no AAC codec support here. But even without it, performance is above satisfactory. Bluetooth 5.0 make pairing faster and more lasting. The IPX4 rating makes the earphones resistant to water till a limit.

Turn on the music and you forget you are listening to a pair of buds that cost around Rs 2,000. Audio output is well-balanced. Bass quality is one element often overlooked in this segment. However, the Detel Di-Pods deliver clean and fairly deep bass. This makes the experience enjoyable irrespective of what genre you’re listening to. The Highs, Lows and Mids are so neatly balanced that the buds almost feel like they adapt to whatever music you’re playing.

So, while the subtle cymbals in the back are heard clearly in tracks like Runnin by David Dallas, you don’t miss out on the small instrumental details in background songs by artists like Run The Jewels and Linkin Park. Move to Metal by artists like Skillet or classic rock by Ozzy Osbourne, and you aren’t disappointed there either. For instance, the high-pitched bagpipes towards the end of AC/DC’s It’s a Long Way To the Top often sound broken on most budget earphones, wired or wireless. However, the Detel Di-Pods will do not disappoint here. You can even ditch the vocals and listen to a few of Hans Zimmer’s orchestral melodies and feel the depth of the bass take command.

Call quality however felt restrictive. When outdoors, people we talked to felt we were either whispering or too far away from the microphone. Meanwhile, we heard them pretty clearly. The quality during indoor calls was fine. With no audible disturbances around, the Detel Di-Pods fair decently in this area. But a busy road or an open market will make you put the buds back in the case.

Battery Life

When we read that the Detel Di-Pods offer about five hours of playback on a single charge, we were pretty sure the number was strongly exaggerated. Surprisingly, the rather small buds of the Di-Pod actually live up to five hours of music playback. We tested the product on a full charge from 8:00AM one morning and kept playing music at about 50 percent volume until about 1:15PM when the right bud finally ran out of juice. That is some spectacular battery life in TWS earphones. Add the fact that the Di-Pod offers such stellar figures in a segment like this and that alone puts the product ahead of many competitors.

While the battery life is great, we hope it remains the same for long. We’ve often seen Bluetooth devices in this range offer great battery life in the beginning that deteriorates with time. The buds themselves take over an hour to charge completely and the case takes about two hours for the same. The case can completely charge the buds about three times.

Detel Di-Pod Review: Should you buy it?

The Detel Di-Pods offer quality sound and class-leading battery life for the segment it is in. The only elements that might not work in favor of the product is the small size and somewhat insecure fit. Look no further if you’re looking for a decent TWS offering in the Rs 2,000 range.

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