At Mobile World Congress last month, LG announced the G8 ThinQ with flagship level specifications, last year’s design and one feature to set it apart from other flagships in the market. The G8 ThinQ comes with a front mounted 3D ToF camera that can be used to navigate the device using simply gestures. While the gesture interface is limited to some stock apps on the device, a developer found a sensible use for it. Developer ramtin8731 thinks the best use of LG’s gesture interface would be for mobile gaming.

The developer made a Rock Paper Scissors Android game that relies on the front-facing 3D ToF camera to capture your hand movements. The game uses the gesture interface so you won’t have to touch the screen while playing. As a  twist, the developer also added a piece of machine learning to the game and as a result, the computer opponent in the game learns from your patterns as you play. The app has been designed to watch what gestures you make and whether it will be a rock, paper or scissors and then let you play against a bot.

According to XDA, the app can work offline as well and takes advantage of TensorFlow Lite to learn your hand gestures and playing pattern. In its description, the developer says that the app needs a front-facing camera and a powerful processor to handle the AI processing done to record your data. In the settings, there is an option to enable the use of Android Neural Network API, which takes advantage of the AI processing feature baked into modern chipsets. The app is currently available for download from Google Play Store.

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