The Snapdragon 888 is the next best chip any smartphone OEM can use in 2021 for their flagship phones Xiaomi is already releasing the Mi 11 on December 28 with the 888 while Samsung could reveal the US version of the Galaxy S21 with Qualcomm’s premier chip. Guess what? Out of the blue, Motorola comes out teasing a packaging box of what appears to be its next Snapdragon 888-equipped flagship device. One of its executives has teased a box of an upcoming device that’s definitely from the premium category.

Chen Jin, General Manager of Lenovo’s mobile phone business department in China, has shared a photo of a new Motorola packaging box that carries a Motorola batwing logo in the middle. He also wrote a caption that, when roughly translated from Mandarin, says, “ new products are getting closer”. In a latter comment, he said that there are exciting new opportunities for Motorola. No information regarding the same was revealed, although the MyDrivers report speculates this to be a Snapdragon 888-powered smartphone.

Motorola coming up with new flagship phone?

Motorola box

Source: Lenovo via Weibo

A Motorola flagship isn’t a big deal now, given that 2020 saw the Lenovo-owned brand coming back to the premium space with its Edge and Razr devices. The Edge+ was the conventional flagship phone Motorola sold in global markets. Highlighted by its steeply curved display and a 108-megapixel main rear camera, the Edge+ cemented Motorola back in the flagship phone game. It is currently selling in India at a price of Rs 64,999 for the only 256GB variant.

Hence, there are chances of Motorola churning out a successor to the Edge+ from last year, given that Motorola unveiled that phone back in February 2020. If the speculations turn out true, the Edge 2 Plus, or whatever Motorola ends up calling it, could be another great flagship device in the market in 2021, given that Motorola appeals differently with its near-stock Android interface.

Does the box hint at a Moto X?

While several reports claim this to be a Snapdragon 888 flagship, the box seems to convey a different phone altogether. Look at the photo closely and is inevitable that there’s a big X plastered on the box. Does that mean Motorola is reviving the Moto X lineup? The Moto X lineup spawned some flagship Motorola smartphones while it was under Google’s regime in the early 2010s. Given that it resurrected the Razr last year, the Moto X could be next-in-line for a revival.


Representative Image: Moto X4

If that’s the case, then there are chances of this Moto X being the same device we have previously reported to you as the Motorola Nio. Last month, several reports suggested that Motorola is working on an accessible flagship phone running on a Snapdragon 865 chip and scheduled to launch in 2021. Some leaks even showcased a photo, showing a tall display smartphone with a dual cutout for two front cameras. There are chances that the Moto X series could bring the premium features from the Edge series to an affordable price point. Motorola could use it to fend off the likes of the Galaxy S20 FE and the upcoming OnePlus 9 Lite.

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