Dish TV recently lost a large chunk of subscribers which dethroned it as market leader. During the second quarter of 2019, Dish TV added only two lakh subscribers while Tata Sky added 30 lakh subscribers. In order to prevent further loss in its subscriber base, Dish TV Has introduced ‘Festive Offer’ where customers can get channels at old prices. The offer is applicable for existing subscribers who deactivated service before July 30, 2019 or subscribed to other packs only.

As part of this offer, Dish TV will charge Rs 20 NCF + taxes in addition to pack prices for every incremental 25 channels, if the user opts for additional channels. According to DreamDTH, while Dish TV is offering channels at old rates, there is a catch. In order to avail this offer, Dish TV users must recharge with two years amount. In other words, the operator is trying to lock in customers for the next two years. These customers will not be able to switch service provider since they will have unused balance in their account.

The offer is applicable on long duration Family Entertainment SD/HD, Family English SD/HD and Family Cricket SD/HD packs. The Family Entertainment SD Pack offers 299+ channels at Rs 5,256 for two years. The monthly effective cost of this plan translates to Rs 219 per month. The Family Entertainment HD Pack offers 290+ channels at Rs 7,176 for two years, or at effectively monthly rate of Rs 299. The Family English SD Pack is available for Rs 7,800 for two years, which is equivalent to Rs 325 per month.

The Family English HD Pack from Dish TV is available for Rs 10,776 for two years, which is equivalent to Rs 449 per month. This particular plan offers access to more than 355 channels. There is also Family Cricket Pass SD pack available for Rs 6,600 for two years while the Family Cricket Pass HD pack is available for Rs 8,376 for two years. They offer access to over 355+ channels with focus on delivering sports channels to consumers.

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