There is some possible good news in the works as Disney may be remastering its classic Aladdin and Lion King games. To all those out there who played the games when they came out all those years back, its a great opportunity. Disney has not made an official announcement of this yet, but there are multiple leaks pointing to it. The leaks confirm that Disney has unveiled the remastered edition of these two games at the GameStop manager conference.

These Full HD remasters will feature the original soundtracks as well as gameplay resolutions of 1080p. Disney has apparently even considered that fact that some portions of these games were rather difficult. That is what it would introduce fast-forward and rewind functions, to help players with these difficult portions of the games. There would also be tutorials helping players understand how to clear the different levels. According to the leaks the Genesis and SNES versions of Aladdin will be included in the bundle. The two games on their parts were developed by two different studios. And there were a number of versions, even though they released in the same month.

The remastered versions of Aladdin and Lion King will probably get a retail release on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch. Pre-orders of the game will apparently go live today, while the games themselves will launch later this year. As for news of the PC version of the game, there is none yet. But there is a possibility that a digital-only version is being worked on. This news comes after the fact that Disney pulled the updated versions of the Aladdin and Lion King games from the GOG stores. But the games are still available on Steam in their DOS format. So if people still want to grab the older versions of the game, they can do so.

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