After sales services including device support is a critical part of the entire user experience that impacts the perception of the company. This is because a great smartphone or a laptop won’t really matter as much if the buyer can’t get it fixed in case any problem crops up. A number of companies have committed the mistake of not focusing on after-sales services after launching their products in the past. This in-turn has invited a backlash from users of these products because of poor service support. Most of the times, users take the conventional approach of voicing their displeasure on social media channels. However, a new report has highlighted a unique way of protest by a Google Pixel user in New Delhi.

According to a report on India Today, Manu Aggarwal, a Google Pixel owner from Haryana found a vocal, and public way to express his displeasure against poor Google after-sales services. Aggarwal went around popular public hotspots in New Delhi to put up anti-Google banners and billboards criticizing the company of not providing quality customer support. He is said to have bought his Google Pixel in early 2017. Almost a year after purchase, the device started exhibiting problems.

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Similar to any other user who faces problems with their device, Aggarwal reached out to the company for repairs and his device went through “several rounds of repairs”. But the device came back without any fix for the problems. Instead, the device went on to exhibit even more problems than before.

Aggarwal even took to Twitter like any other user to express his displeasure. As a result, the company reached out to him and promised to fix the problem. As per the report though the problem was never sorted and the problems persisted. In the meantime, Aggarwal tried to reach out to the company through repeated messages and calls. He even uploaded the screenshots of the calls on Twitter stating that these calls lasted “for two hours on an average”.

Taking matters in his own hand, he went about posting banners and billboards urging people to not buy Google Pixel devices. These banners explained the problems and even asked users “to reduce their dependency on Google as a service.” Aggarwal also went around time with a placard highlighting the issue. All the banners also sported a QR code with a link back to his original tweet.

He even went ahead to document the problem with the help of a detailed video on YouTube. The current state of the complaint is not known, but this is likely to impact the brand image of the Google as the company is currently competing with the likes of Samsung, Huawei, and Apple in the premium segment.

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