Chinese technology giant DJI has just launched its latest gimbal meant for smartphones. The new gimbal, DJI Osmo Mobile 3 brings a number of significant improvements to the now old Osmo Mobile 2. The company has priced the new version of mobile gimbal at $119 in the United States. In addition, the company is also selling an Osmo Mobile 3 Combo for $139. The combo version comes with one dedicated Osmo Grip Tripod, and one Osmo Carrying case. Mobile 3 already comes with a storage pouch, a wrist strap, and four anti-slip pads along with the gimbal itself.

Osmo Mobile 3 details, features

According to the announcement, the one major change one can immediately notice is that the Osmo Mobile 3 is foldable. This design change fixes a lot of problems that users faced with the original Osmo Mobile and Mobile 2. The company has also upgraded the charging port of the gimbal to USB Type-C from microUSB. The foldable design makes the mobile gimbal more portable and compact than ever. DJI has also added a number of new features including Gesture Control, ActiveTrack 3.0, Sports Mode, and Quick Roll.

Taking a closer look, Gesture Control, and ActiveTrack 3.0 are directly from its drones. Gesture Control allows users to use their hands to control their DJI Osmo Mobile 3 if they are shooting along. ActiveTrack 3.0 allows the smartphone and Gimbal to automatically track the user with computer vision algorithms. This makes things much easier if the user is shooting a video without any help. We have already seen something similar to Sport Mode in the previous model which allows the gimbal to keep track of fast movements.

Beyond this, Quick Roll allows the gimbal to automatically change the orientation of the smartphone with a quick tap. DJI has also added Story Mode in its relatively new DJI Mimi app that allows users to make quick edits without much effort. Similar to Mobile 2, Osmo Mobile 3 also comes with 3-axis gimbal to eliminate the shake. Other highlights include 405 grams weight, standby mode for gimbal which allows users to use their smartphone when the gimbal is folded. Other features include special shooting modes including Hyperlapse Hyper, Panorama, Time-lapse, Slow motion, Dolly Zoom, and more.

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