Several data leak incidents are reported almost every single day in the country.  In fact, CERT-IN suggests that cyber attacks have increased since the COVID-19 pandemic last year. A new report now reveals details of one of the biggest data leak incidents of this month. According to Alon Gal co-founder of an Israeli cybercrime intelligence, popular pizza outlet Domino’s India has fallen victim to a massive cyberattack.

Domino’s data leak in India: Full details

The report reveals that hackers have access to Domino’s India 13TB of internal database that includes details of over 250 employees across verticals such as IT, Legal, Finance, Marketing, Operations, among others.

Hackers also claim that they have access to all customer details as well as 18 crore order details which include details such as customer’s names, phone numbers, email IDs, delivery address, payment details, among others.

It is also said that these details include more than 10 lakh credit card information used to shop on Domino’s India app.

dominos data leak

Another report suggests that the hackers aim to sell the entire database to a single buyer. As per the report coming from Alon Gal, the hackers are looking for $550,000, which is around Rs 4 crores for the entire database.

The report further adds that the hackers have plans to build a search portal to enable querying the data.

The sale is said to happen in the dark web and also on a website frequently visited by cyber scammers.

Domino’s India has commented on the matter yet.

Cyber attacks cases are rising at an alarming rate with every passing day. According to Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT-IN) data, during the Covid-19 pandemic last year, cyber attacks in India grew by nearly 300 percent, growing from 3,94,499 in 2019 to 11,58,208 in 2020.

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