Instagram is an app of many things. It enables us to share our photos and videos, post Stories, create short videos, and more. It also allows us to view posts by people other than the ones we follow, which lets you find new people and possibly socialise with them. And that’s not it. You can explore shopping pages to buy stuff. The limit is endless.

The Explore section is the place for all such searches, which Instagram personalises by simply observing what we like, search for, or often view. But, there comes a time when we don’t like what Instagram is offering us and might wanna change it. And, guess what? You can.

If this makes you happy and you want to immediately change Instagram Explore, keep on reading for the simple steps that need to be followed.

How to reset Instagram Explore on Android, iOS?

For this, you need to clear your search history so that Instagram can start afresh when it shows you posts. Once this is cleared, your Explore section will then show up content based on the interests that genuinely attract you. Here’s what to do:

– Head to the Instagram app.

– Go to your Profile section.

– Tap on the hamburger menu in the top right corner and select the Settings option.

instagram explore reset

– Now, visit the Security section.

– Look for the Clear History option under the Data and History section.

– Tap on it and then select the Clear All option. You will get a prompt to confirm the decision and if you are sure, confirm the same and the work will be done.

Following this, the Explore section will be reset and will now show results based on the new searches you make.

How to customise Instagram Explore on Android, iOS?

This is the process you need to follow if you intend to not see a certain type of posts. This will reduce the occurrence of posts that you are not interested in and in turn, will customise the Feed for you. These are the steps to follow:

– Go to the Instagram app on your Android or iOS phone.

– Head to the Explore by tapping on the magnifying glass icon on the app.

instagram explore reset

– Now, scroll down and look for the posts you don’t want to see.

– Tap on the post and then on the three-dotted menu on it.

– Just select the Not Interested option, following which you won’t see that or similar posts in the future.

This will be another way of personalising your Instagram Explore and a way of only viewing things you want to!

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