WhatsApp is currently being disliked by many due to its new, updated privacy policies, which blatantly confirms the app will share users’ data, or else you won’t be able to use the app. This obviously puts people’s privacy and security into jeopardy and WhatsApp’s intentions in question.

If this makes you worry too and you want to remain safe from WhatsApp snooping in on you even it’s claimed to be for your benefit, you can delete your WhatsApp account and head out for other messaging alternatives. For this, you would first require to delete your WhatsApp account. Hence, here’s how you can delete your WhatsApp account by following easy steps.

How to delete WhatsApp account on Android, iOS?

Before we tell you how you can do so, you need to make sure you want this since once the WhatsApp account is deleted, there’s no going back as all the data will be removed. To get back on WhatsApp, you will have to create a new WhatsApp account altogether. Here’s how you can delete your WhatsApp account:

Step 1: Open WhatsApp on either your Android or iOS device

Step 2: For Android, tap on the three-dotted menu in the top right corner to select the Settings option. For iOS, tap on the dedicated Settings option

Step 3: Select the Account option

how to delete whatsapp

How to delete WhatsApp account

Step 4: Once the section opens, you will now see a Delete My Account option. Tap on it to continue

How to delete WhatsApp acocunt

How to delete WhatsApp account

Step 5: Now, enter your mobile number

Step 6: Once entered, select the Delete My Account option again

Step 7: Now, you would be required to provide a reason for the decision, following which you will have to select the Delete My Account option yet again

Step 8: Finally, WhatsApp will let you think for the last time and if your decision is concrete, you need to tap on the Delete My Account option for the last time to confirm the decision

While the aforementioned steps are pretty easy to follow, once again, you need to be pretty sure that you want to delete the WhatsApp account. Hence, think this through before you make the decision.

If you are determined, the aforementioned steps are right here to help you!

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