Doom 3 to Fracked: Here are the six Sony PlayStation VR games announced

It’s a good day for PSVR users as Sony has announced a total of six PlayStation VR games that are coming later this year. The new slate includes the demon-slaying classic Doom 3, Song In the Smoke, Fracked, I Expect You To Die 2: The Spy and The Liar, Zenith, and After The Fall.

To recall, Sony unveiled next-generation PSVR for its PlayStation 5 console this February. The new PSVR headset gets a high-resolution screen, and redesigned controller promising “ultimate entertainment experience with dramatic leaps in performance and interactivity.” Speaking of the add-ons to the PlayStation VR games list, Sony revealed the new VR games at the PSVR Spotlight campaign. Here’s an insight into the Sony PSVR titles.

Doom 3 VR

The fps (first-person shooter) demon-slaying classic Doom 3 VR edition will debut on March 29. The VR edition will not only feature the original game but its expansions- Resurrection of Evil and The Lost Mission as well. Putting the player on the ‘colonised planet of Mars’ to fight against aliens, the game blends in the elements of hellspawn and fps with an ultra-realistic appearance.

Notably, the Doom 3 VR edition includes a host of updated gameplay mechanics to enhance its functionality with the PSVR headset. Players will be able to use 180-degree quick-turn functionality to combat against demons, and a wrist-mounted display to track vitals including armor, ammo, and health. The VR edition will be backward compatible with PS5.

Songs in the Smoke

Songs in the Smoke, a survival game designed by indie developer 17-bit brings a beautiful yet challenging adventure for the players. The characters are designed by Katsuya Terada, the illustrator known for his artwork in The Legend of Zelda series. From the glimpse of the trailer, the gameplay looks similar to the popular survival indie-game Valheim with crafting, hunting, gathering food, cooking, slaying enemies in the task menu.

However, the VR game aims to bring an immersive experience with mystical elements, and artifacts. “The experience is so completely immersive and engaging, the forest is alive all around you in the extra dimension provided by VR. We’re thrilled to be offering an intense adventure that couldn’t be captured in any other way,” the indie-developer mentioned in the blog post. The exact release date of the Songs in the Smoke VR game hasn’t been announced yet.

I Expect You To Die 2: The Spy and the Liar

Shell Games VR game I Expect You To Die was a bit hit back in 2016. Five years down the line, the developer has brought a sequel to the original game, I Expect You To Die 2: The Spy and the Liar this January. The game that includes James Bond-like themed music requires the player to dip deep into Zoraxis (the villain) organization and stop its ‘latest scheme’ of world dominance.

The sequel includes new missions and an in-depth storyline seeking players to utilise VR capabilities to retrieve vital intelligence for the Agency and expose the villain’s plot. The new VR game from Shell Games is expected to launch later this year.

nDreams designed Fracked grabs the hot seat for those looking for a hyper-intense fps VR game. A fast-paced shooter game, Fracked demands to fight against an army of gun-wielding, interdimensional maniacs at a mountain fracking facility. From running, skiing to climbing, this game boasts 1:1 motion controls using PlayStation Move controllers.

You can climb obstacles, zipline, reload weapons, and ski with the help of motion controls. The developer promises “exhilarating, and accessible” gameplay and control for a fluid VR experience. Moreover, PS5 users will also get to experience enhanced framerates, increased resolution, and faster load times while playing with the next-gen console. The fast-faced run and gun shooter game will be released this summer.


While there are a host of MMO RPG (massive online multiplayer role-playing game) games available on the gaming platforms, creator Ramen VR has taken a step ahead to bring the experience to VR. The new title Zenith is inspired by anime culture brings an open-world allowing players to explore every nook and corner. From hand-crafted environments to a hyper-futuristic city the game tries to bring an engaging experience.

Players are required to climb, keep a check on stamina, and use the game’s Gliding system that allows to quickly shift to the distant area of the map. Further, you will have to attack, block, and dodge in real-time using your hands. As for the release date, Zenith is expected to be available later this year.

After the Fall

After the Fall, a co-op zombie VR shooter game from the studio of Vertigo Games brings to the table a post-apocalyptic world experience. Playing with three heroes, this game demands you to fight off snow-breed ferocious zombies roaming in the frozen remains.

The game offering an arcade-style like experience, its storyline dates back to 1980s LA. With a mixed bag of weapons from pistols, SMG’s to a nifty rocket launcher this visually-rich VR requires a strategy to defend the team from undead creatures. After the Fall VR game will be released on PSVR, PC, and VR this summer.

Before wrapping up, it is worth mentioning that users will need to contact Sony to get a free special adapter in case they want to use the headset with the new PlayStation console.

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