Gaming company Valve released The International 2019 Battle Pass for Dota 2 in May. And within two months of release, the community has already pushed the prize money to $25.5 million. This is a record breaking number in record breaking time. This makes The International 2019 the biggest prize money in not just Dota 2, but all gaming tournaments.

The International 2019 will take place in August between 20 and 25. The Battle Pass grants owners access to exclusive content, features, and rewards, and is available for purchase now. The Battle Pass has been priced at Rs 699 for the standard edition. While the Pass with level 50 will cost Rs 2,049, and the Pass with level 100 will cost Rs 3,149. The International prize pool will get 25 percent of Battle Pass sales contributed to the pool.

There are many rewards that come with this year’s Battle Pass. These include Wrath of the Mo’rokai custom game mode, a Jungle Expedition mode. There is also an unlockable “Guardians of the Lost Path” custom towers which are extremely reminiscent of the towers in Dota when it was a custom map for World of Warcraft. There are other items that “will never be tradable or purchasable on the marketplace”, like the last couple of years and players will either have to unlock them with the Battle Pass, or miss out.

Besides those there are other additions this time in the consumable that include the Trusty Shovel, the Snake Balloon, and the poop-flinging Silly Monkey that will help players along their journey, there is also a new Coach’s Challenge that will test the ability of players to guide players with lower – MMR through matches, and there is a new Party Finder that will help find fun people to play Dota 2 with, without having them on your Steam Friends list. There is also an option to ‘Avoid Player’, which will do the opposite. There’s also a new avatar banner, a High Five action, MVP voting, a new Versus screen, and many more additions this time around.

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There are some returning features as well and these include the ability to double down on the MMR rewards (or losses) once a week, recycling Immortal items, wagering, ranked roles, in-game tipping, trivia, predictions, Daily Hero Challenge, and a tonne of other rewards that will help increase with Battle Pass levels for players.

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