Dreamcast unveils real time 2-way virtual conferencing

Leading virtual event platform, Dreamcast has launched a new two-way virtual conferencing platform for a seamless experience. The company claims that its new platform replicates the exact same experience of physical events into a virtual environment where you can reach global audiences online with ease.

Zoom is a simple video conferencing tool to host webinars or two-way video conferencing, while Dreamcast is a full-scale customised virtual event platform which transforms a physical event into a 3D virtual event,” Gautam Seth and Siddharth Shah, Co-Founders of Dreamcast, told IANS on Tuesday.

The platform offers engagement features, networking features, gamification options and much more. “It lets you host virtual conference sessions, webinars and meetings with seamless 2-way interaction between speakers, audiences and hosts in an immersive branded environment,” the company said in a statement.

Event planners and organisers can use the new two-way video conferencing platform to enhance one on one conversations between attendees and speakers in real-time during the virtual event.

“The features are designed with a clear objective in mind to make the user experience seamless and convenient at virtual events to foster connections as well as engagement,” said Shah.

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