Dyson is expanding its air purifier lineup in India with the launch of an air purifier plus heater designed for a year round use. The new Dyson Pure Hot+Cool air purifier, according to the company, delivers fast and even room heating during winter and powerful cooling in summer. While doing these two activities, it also does the primary function of air purification. Dyson says the new dual function device can automatically detect airborne particles and gases and like Dyson Pure Cool launched before it, reports the data via its LCD screen and Link app in real time.

Air Pollution is an ongoing challenge and as per a new WHO report, 14 out of 15 most polluted cities in terms of PM 2.5 are in India. Dyson’s focus with its air purifiers has centered around improving indoor air quality as opposed to focusing on outdoor pollution alone. “The outdoor pollution can enter the home and when combined with indoor pollution sources like cooking fumes, cleaning products, pet dander and disintegrated faeces, can make indoor air quality equally or more harmful than outdoor air quality,” the company said in its release.

Dyson says the new Pure Hot+Cool air purifier is aimed at Indian market where air pollution is a year-round problem with variation in temperature across the year along with high pollution levels. “A good air purifier should sense, capture, project, heat and cool you. We insist on developing technology that works properly, without compromise on any functions. Our latest machine goes beyond standard tests. It heats and cools you quickly and effectively – while always purifying the whole room,” said Sam Bernard, Global Category Director, Environmental Control.

Dyson Pure Hot+Cool air purifier works on the principle of sensing, capturing and projecting. The purifier senses pollutants such as VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) benzene, formaldehyde and NO2. It comes with a sensor to measure relative humidity and temperature. The purifier comes with 6o percent more HEPA media that are taller and deeper than ones found on older models. The company has also introduced three times more activated carbon, which can absorb gases, odours, domestic fumes and VOCs.

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Apart from sensing and capturing pollutants, Dyson Pure Hot+Cool is also capable of projecting over 290 litres of purified air per second to every corner of the room with the help of 350-degree of oscillation and Air multiplier technology. Dyson also offers an app on iOS and Android that can be used to track indoor and outdoor pollution, temperature and humidity levels. The Dyson Pure Hot+Cool comes in White/Silver and Iron/Blue color and is priced at Rs 52,900.

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