Elon Musk suggests careers youngsters should pick for a brighter future

Elon Musk is vocal about his thoughts, and the world admires his vision. His thinking about the future is evident, and he knows what will be in demand in the coming times and in which field it will be beneficial to move forward. In a recent interview at the World Conference on Artificial Intelligence in Shanghai, Musk talked about society’s future and the implications that Artificial Intelligence will have on the job market.

“Artificial Intelligence will make jobs a bit pointless,” Musk said Thursday, speaking alongside Alibaba founder Jack Ma at World Conference on Artificial Intelligence in Shanghai.

Musk was asked whether people should worry about the job crisis due to technology. In this regard, Musk says that those who make AI software or programs have a bright future. Musk says that if you are doing something involving either people’s participation or engineering, your future will definitely be secure.

Shortly before, he also made a statement about cryptocurrency and its future. Now he has given his opinion about the Future of Jobs and Jobs of Future. He has expressed a lot of possibilities regarding the technology related to artificial intelligence.

Speaking at the recent World Conference on the issue of Artificial Intelligence, Elon said that those associated with the field of Artificial Intelligence have a solid and secure future. According to Musk, the growing world of artificial intelligence can also create a crisis for jobs.

So, “what should I study?”, Many young people will ask themselves. Again, the destruction of one type of job leads to creating another. Consumers will be increasingly dependent on human interaction in a productive fabric governed by machines.

All production and perhaps distribution will be in the hands of Artificial Intelligence. However, someone will have to get customers to consume these products and services. In this sense, all those people and companies dedicated to areas that depend on human interaction will continue to prosper since they will be increasingly needed.

“If you’re working on something that involves people or engineering, it’s probably a good focus for your future,” concluded Musk.

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