Fortnite has made a name for itself as not just one of the most prominent games to be released recently, but also as a phenomenon that has spread like wildfire on social media. Fortnite developer Epic Games has reaped a lot of profit this year. According to a report from TechCrunch Epic Games‘s valuation has been upped to $15 billion and it apparently grossed a total of $3 billion. This puts the company on par with other smartphone manufacturers and the kinds of profit made by them.

And now according to a report by Sensor Tower, Fortnite’s iOS version has helped Epic Games rake in almost $455 million alone. The iOS version of the game was launched back in March of 2018 and the revenue is much higher compared to Android. But for argument’s sake the Android version of the game was launched much later. Among the $455 million, $69 million was made in the month of December which also happened to be the most profit made in a month. And on an average, the iOS version of Fortnite earned Epic Games $1.6 million each day.

Fortnite is a free to play game that earns its money from the sales of in-game cosmetic items which are strictly digital. The most popular mode of the game is the battle royale which involves 100 people jumping out of a flying bus onto a map to fight it out and be the last person or team standing. Epic Games which was founded back in the year 1991 has not shared its revenue figures but its present player base of 125 million for Fortnite has been a testament of its recent success.

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